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Awareness is the Healer



My name is Pam and I am a Professional License Massage Therapist. I have a passion for helping people which began when I was a child, I have worked in the medical field for 12 years and have a vast knowledge of information that I try to use to help each and every client. 

Have an injury or problem area, lets figure out what causes it and try and fix it.

I have witnessed great change in people with disabilities, long term injuries, acute injuries, and many more, who began receiving massage on a regular basis. I truly believe that it can affect us in many ways, and help better ourselves.

I Hope that I can help you on a journey to improve yourself either in just a relaxing day or help you overcome an obstacle in your life.  Once we open our eyes to what our body needs, we can help ourselves, which is something we all forget to do sometimes! I look forward to helping you become aware of what your body needs because Awareness is the healer.

Enjoy every day!


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